What is Mini LED: The Beauty of The Moving Image

TCL India·2023-01-03

TCL India·2023-01-03




In 2022, TCL launched the new product line, Mini LED TV. What is Mini LED? How does Mini LED work? How does it compare to OLED? And why should you buy one? We are excited to bring the next era of television with Mini LED to consumers worldwide.


In 2022, TCL launched the XL collection TV with Mini LED.  


In 2019, TCL launched the XL collection TV with Mini LED, which is the world’s largest Mini LED TV. The technology that powers these TVs is called Mini LED, and it's a next-generation screen that offers better contrast, color, and brightness than traditional LCD screens do. In addition to being brighter (up to 2000 nits), the new technology can make blacks darker than ever before—which means more realistic images on your TV.


While many companies have been able to create excellent UHD displays in recent years, TCL has taken this one step further by making their screens even better with their new Mini-LED technology.


What is Mini LED?


The term "Mini LED" is used to describe the latest technology in TV displays that uses a smaller LED chip to produce the same brightness as a larger chip.


This miniaturized design allows for finer control of lighting levels, which makes it ideal for use in both home and commercial lighting applications.


The smaller size of the chip allows for a higher density of LEDs, which increases the amount of light produced by each unit. This also allows manufacturers to reduce costs by reducing the amount of material used in their manufacturing.


The Mini-LED chip is also ideal for use in small, portable devices such as laptops or mobile phones, where space is at a premium. The technology allows manufacturers to make their products thinner and lighter than ever before, which makes them more attractive to consumers.


Mini LED is also ideal for use in outdoor applications such as streetlights and security lighting. Because the LED chip can be produced at a higher density, it provides brighter illumination with less power consumption than traditional lighting technologies.


Mini LED vs. OLED – A Tale of Two Technologies


Let's get into the nitty-gritty of what makes Mini LED different from OLED and why it's great.


First, Mini LED is not OLED. While both use organic light-emitting diodes (OLED) to power their displays, they differ in how they produce color on that display—and as we all know, color is everything when it comes to TVs. OLEDs create each pixel by firing a single red or green or blue diode, which means that any pixel can only be one color at a time—so if you want an image with a white background and black lettering, for example, you'd need multiple pixels in the same area (or "subpixel").


Mini LED uses many smaller diodes—each one pumping out lots of different colors instead of just one—to make up every subpixel individually! This lets us create images with more vivid colors than ever before (with no murkiness).


OLED is an emissive technology, while Mini LED is a transmissive technology. This means that OLED screens emit light and have a wider viewing angle than Mini LED displays, which need to be viewed straight on to see the picture clearly. OLED has a higher contrast ratio than Mini LED with similar brightness levels, and it also boasts faster response times for fast-moving action scenes or video games where you need to react quickly.


However, OLED has poorer black uniformity (black outlines around objects on screen) compared to Mini LED displays and it cannot display as deep blacks as those found in home theater projectors, which use an entirely different projection technology altogether (DLP).




TCL Mini LED TV with Quantum Dot Display. The TCL C835 feature 97% WCG, better contrast ratio and brightness, better black levels, and color accuracy.


Local Dimming Technology


Local dimming technology is a display technology that allows the darkening of specific areas of the screen to create contrast and more natural images. It can be used in both LCD and OLED displays, and there are two types of local dimming technologies: edge-lit and back-lit.


  • Back-lit local dimming occurs when the backlight is divided into a number of selectively controllable zones that can be independently turned on and off.
  • Edge-lit local dimming occurs when LEDs along the edges are controlled individually to allow for very precise control over how much light reaches each part of the display panel.


Powerful Chipset


The Mini LED is powered by amazing hardware, which allows you to stream 4K content without a hitch. The device also packs in 3GB DDR + 32GB Flash of memory, as well as USB 3.0 support for fast transfers and data transfers. You’ll also find Bluetooth 5.2 for connecting other devices like headphones or speakers, and WiFi 6(2.4G+5G) for connecting to the internet anywhere at any time.


The Era of Google Assistant


If you're looking for a new generation of smart functions that can be used to control the TV's functions, TCL's Mini LED/ Google TV is here. This powerful operating system allows you to control your smart TV with ease. With this software platform, you can enjoy intuitive control and access to thousands of apps without having to switch devices or platforms.


With this feature, all you have to do is say “Ok Google” into the remote control or your voice assistant of choice (Siri or Alexa), and then search for what you want on your screen!    


This new technology will change the way you perceive TV in the future.


Mini LED is a new and advanced technology that will completely change the way you perceive TV. It is an era of television that will allow you to see it in a different way. With this device, you can access all your favorite apps, like Netflix and Hulu Plus. It’s easy to use with just one hand and has a remote control that lets you navigate through menus with ease.  


We are excited to bring the next era of television with Mini LED to consumers worldwide.


TCL is a global brand with a focus on quality, innovation, and creativity. With our goal of becoming the world's leading manufacturer of smart devices in mind, we are excited to bring the next era of television with Mini LED to consumers worldwide.


Mini LED is the future of TV technology. It represents our commitment to providing consumers with the most advanced products in all categories, including flat-screen TVs and large-screen displays, through enhanced design aesthetics as well as improved picture quality and sound quality.


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TCL India·2023-01-03

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