Tips to Use Google Assistant to Enhance Your Viewing Experience

TCL India·2022-01-04

TCL India·2022-01-04

Most of us are already aware about Google Assistant and find it quite handy for our mobile. But there are many more things that one can do with Google’s virtual assistant from staying informed to enhancing the entertainment experience. With the arrival of TCL’s latest Android TVs you can feel even more connected. Our Smart TVs with Android are accompanied by hands-free voice control feature to make navigation easier. TVs with built-in Google voice assistant gives you control over much more than just entertainment that too hands-free.


The Google Assistant service comes built-in with a range of more obvious conveniences like pausing a show while watching it or searching for your favourite TV shows and movies. There are many other ways Google Assistant can simplify or rather enhance the way you watch TV. The Google Assistant is capable of doing much more like streamline your day, help you learn more about the cast of your favorite movie, and even keep your guests entertained while you’re making popcorn in the next room. Let us take a sneak peek into what more can be done with Hands-free voice control and Google Assistant to enhance the viewing experience.


Tips to Use Google Assistant Hands-Free Voice Control to Enhance Your Viewing Experience


1. Wake Up to the Latest News


Most of us are accustomed to waking up to the jarring beeps and buzzes of the phone however now with the built-in Google Voice Assistant in your TCL 4K TV you can wake up right to the morning news. All you need to say is, “Hey Google. Wake me up at 7 am to NDTV,” and start your day with the latest news and happening around. Not only it turns the TV on but if you have compatible devices it can also help you turn on/off the lights or open the blinds. 



2. Stay Updated


You can now stay updated with the latest match scores and catch glimpses of your favourite sports while working from home. Simply command your Google Assistant to show the live scores or highlights of the latest match, or say, “Hey Google, turn on the Sports channel” and stay updated with the latest scores with the help of hands-free voice control.


3. Work it Out


With most of us avoiding to go to public places like gym our living rooms have become more than living room. Let you Google Assistant TV become your personal gym trainer for a personalized work out session. Just say, “Hey Google, play aerobics videos.” And if you are a pro and do not wish to work out to a video then you can simply ask your Google Assistant to play your workout playlist big screen to keep you motivated.


4. Ask About Your Favourite Shows


Google Assistant is smart enough to remember the names of the movies, shows or cast that you might find difficult to remember. Just say, “Hey Google what’s that movie with a big car action….” With the TCL Android 4K TV you won’t draw a blank.


5. Resume from Where You Left


There are times when we are forced to stop watching our favourite shows or movie somewhere in the middle and we can’t get through it one sitting. Earlier we needed to start the show from the very beginning but now with the TCL Android TV with built-in Google Assistant there’s no need to sort through your streaming apps just to find it again. Simply say “Hey Google, continue the movie,” and you’ll be able to pick-up right where you left off. 



6. Built the Perfect Ambience


Google Assistant works with many of the smart home devices like smart plugs, smart lights, smart door locks, smart kitchen appliances and more. After setting up your compatible gadgets, you can simple command your TV’s assistant to do a whole range of things that is more than just playing the movie. You can ask the Google Assistant to dim the lights, pull down the blinds, lock the door and set up the perfect ambience for the best movie night.


7. Set Reminders


There are circumstances when you remember to do some important chore while watching your favourite movie. When an epiphany strikes and you don’t wish to pause your show then just say, Hey Google, remind me to clean the room at 10 pm.” With the TCL Google Android TV you can now set reminders so that you can carry on your entertainment without disrupting your regular chores.


8. Plan Your Day


Google Assistant Hands-Free Voice Control makes your smart TV smarter and enables you to do many things throughout your day. With the help of your TCL TV you can now update your calendar, add a task to your to-do-list, check the weather forecast and more. All you need to say is, “Hey Google, Show me the schedule for tomorrow,” to stay on top of your day. You can also set up a routine using the Google Assistant and just say, “Hey Google, bedtime,” at the end of the day to turn off the lights, lock the doors and adjust the AC temperature. 



All we want is to enjoy more and do more with your TCL TV that comes with built-in Google Assistant and Hands-Free Voice Control. With the latest technology and best in class TVs from TCL paired with the knowledge of Google Assistant, you can rest be assured that entertainment will never be the same. 


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TCL India·2022-01-04

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