Star Rating of an AC. What do they mean and which one to buy?


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Summers are round the corner. A lot of you must be considering buying an air conditioner.

Which one to buy?
Will it Increase my monthly utility bill?
What is star rating and is it important to choose an AC?

Read on to know all about Star Rating and how to decide which one to buy.

What is Star Rating?

A star rating of an air conditioner is an indicator of its energy efficiency. This rating is awarded by BEE or Bureau of Energy Efficiency.

A star rating is a good indicator for a consumer to understand the power required to run an AC.

What if an AC has no Star Rating?

While there is nothing wrong in buying an Air Conditioner without star rating, not having a star rating is an indication that the Air Conditioner has not been tested by BEE. Without star rating you will have no understanding of how efficient the air conditioner is, how much of an impact it will have on your monthly utility bills. Will it serve to cool a small area or large? While features of an air conditioner can be understood, without an energy star, there is no way to understand its performance.

Where can I find the Star Rating of an AC?

The easiest place to find it is on the AC itself. All AC’s will have a BEE label on them. The rating of the AC is indicated with red color stars on the sticker. If all 5 stars are colored, it’s a 5 star AC. If 3 are colored, it’s a 3 star AC. Below the stars, in the centre, you can read “ More stars, More savings”.  This is a direct indication of what the stars mean.

If you want to know about star rating before buying an AC, it’s best to check out the manufacturer’s web page for details.

Does Star Rating affect the cost of the AC?

Yes, a high star rating means the AC consumes less power. While it means more savings in the long run, it also means you have to pay a bit more initially to enjoy the benefits of low electricity bills.

Buying a 2 star or 1 star AC will save you money right away but you will be paying high electricity bills every month.

What are the advantages of buying 5 star or 3 star AC?

Advantages of 5 Star AC

-       Saves money in the long run
-       Have advanced features
-       They take less time to cool a room
-       Consume less electricity
-       Good Choice if you will use the AC regularly, for more than 9-12 hours a day.

Advantages of 3 star AC

-       Cost of initial buying is low
-       Good Choice if you will use AC only for couple of months a year, not more than 2-4 hours a day

What options do I have in TCL Air Conditioners?

TCL offers 3 Models of Air conditioners :

1.     Elite Series, Smart Air AI Ultra Inverter Air Conditioner : 3 Star Rating
2.    Elite Series Turbo Air Ultra Inverter Air Conditioner : 3 Star Rating
3.    Elite Series iEco Air AI Ultra Inverter Air Conditioner : 5 Star Rating

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