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Take Your Call of Duty: Vanguard Experience to the Next Level with this Detailed Gamer’s Guide

TCL India·2021-12-24

New Tech TCL India·2021-12-24

No matter whether you are a pro at gaming or are a newcomer or just like to play some random games on your TCL TV to while away the time the reality is that the year 2021 has been the best year so far for gamers. With more than 2.5 billion people playing video games the demand for video gaming TVs could see a massive hike. Nearly one-third of the population across the globe has had contact with gaming TVs at least once in their lifetime. The growing trend of gaming TVs has had a positive impact on the gamers themselves. TCL the second-largest TV manufacturer has now become the official partner of Call of Duty: Vanguard and has expanded its association with one of the most popular games Call of Duty.


Today online gaming is not merely restricted to fun and time pass instead it has now become a source of income for many. Online gaming has opened up a new scope of earnings be it live streaming, playing, creating content, developing games, organizing tournaments or doing an online course. Gaming on TV certainly enhances your gaming experience and makes it fast and furious. The best in class gaming gears translates your overall gaming experience and take it to just another level. While this might just seem to be interesting but the real question is what sort of upgrades will yield the most benefits?


To help you clear this confusion we have here listed some of the key areas you should consider focusing your efforts on. These expert tips might just help you set up new standards in gaming while at the same time you can also save enough to spend on some of your favourite games.


1. The Perfect Gaming Console


One of the most basic and essential things to have in your gaming arsenal to win any battle of the Call of Duty games is your choice of the gaming machine. Different consoles will offer different gaming experiences regardless of whether you favour the Xbox or the PlayStation. Remember to opt for the bigger, powerful and latest version like the Xbox One X or PlayStation Pro. For all the gamers out there upgrading to one of these advanced consoles is the best way to boost your gaming experience. 

C825 gaming tv


2. The Best Gaming TV


Though console is one prime gadget for gaming but only having the most advanced gaming console alone isn’t enough. In order to alter your gaming experience one often needs to make some substantial upgrades in their visual machines as well. The gaming TV one uses can have a decisive impact on their gaming performance in more than one way. The size of the screen will certainly affect your viewing. With larger screens, TVs like that of TCL Mini LED one will view larger objects in the game while playing Call of Duty Vanguard.


3. Low Input Lag


Input lag happens to be a decisive factor while you wish to take your gaming experience to the next level. Most of the TCL QLED 4K TVs have low delays between what we do on our controller and what happens on the screen. As the official partner of the Call of Duty Vanguard TCL understands the importance of having a TV with low input lag and that’s gamer-friendly. TCL has curated gaming TVs for all classes of gamers featuring low input lag, high refresh rate, ALLM, VRR and more. Dolby Vision HDR display is an added advantage. If you are a pro gamer and enjoy superior graphics then upgrading to a 4K QLED TV like that of TCL Mini LED 4K QLED TV will let you squeeze the most out of the best consoles delivering crisper and brighter images with detailed resolution.

HDMI gaming control C825


4. The Immersive Sound Set Up


An immersive sound setup not only complements but also enhances your gaming experience. Apart from providing sharper audio cues a richer sound system offers more enriching play sessions and improves the performance when playing competitive games like Call of Duty. TCL’s best gaming TVs features deep layered sound effects and music. The ONKYO certified speakers with additional subwoofers provide stunning sound that is just perfect not only for gaming but also for all your favourite entertainment. 

TCL C825 gaming tv


Final Verdict


Any one of the above upgrades can certainly enhance your gaming experience to a certain extent, however; if you are able to keep all of these in tandem then you can truly enjoy a gaming experience like never before. So if you wish to play and enjoy the best of the games like the Call of Duty Vanguard then you should certainly try to complement it with the best of console, TV and sound. Bigger screen televisions like the TCL Mini LED 4K QLED TV and the latest console will take your experience to the next level. 


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New Tech

TCL India·2021-12-24

New Tech TCL India·2021-12-24