My AC is making noise. What does this mean?



It’s over 40 degrees outside. 

That high a temperature is making you uncomfortable. Apart from a tub of ice cream, all you want is your air conditioner to work properly. You turn it on.

And your air conditioner is suddenly making a lot of noise with intense vibration. You have no choice but to turn it off. 

The good news is, AC making loud noise or vibrating more intensely is a common complaint. And there are ways to easily fix them through a trained professional.

Reasons why Air Conditioners make Noise 

Issues with Compressor

It is also common for your compressor to make a little bit of noise. But if your AC is more noisy than normal, there might be a problem with your compressor. Compressor is part of the outdoor unit in a Split AC. It’s job is to circulate refrigerants necessary for heat exchange. 

Compressors are the heart of any air conditioner. They might malfunction due to heavy wear and tear or simply due to leaks and issues with other components related to them. 

Whatever might be the case, ignoring the noise is dangerous and the best solution is to quickly raise a complaint with your manufacturer.

Do note that air conditioner compressors come with long warranty from the manufacturer.
At TCL, we offer 10 year warranty on all our Smart Air AI Ultra Inverter AC compressors.

Issues with the Fan

ACs tend to have two fans – one in the Indoor Unit of the air conditioner and the other in Outdoor Unit.

Outside Fan-  helps dissipate the heat from the condenser coils. That is why the air coming from the outer unit is hot 

Inside Fan-  blows air over the cool evaporator ,coils thus reducing the temperature of air circulated in the unit.

Like your AC filters, fans also need to be cleaned regularly. Clogging of too much dust makes it noisy sometimes. See if you can spot some alien object that may have accidentally fallen into it. This may be causing the  noise too.

It is possible that the fan blades have come loose, in which case, a service man needs to tighten it.

Issues with Fan Motor

A fan motor is also called Dual Shaft Motor. This needs frequent oiling. Again, this is something that can be done by a trained professional. Don’t attempt to do it yourself! 

There might be issues with the fan motor with regular usage. It is usually difficult to repair the fan motor. If the noise in your AC is caused by issues with the fan motor, then we suggest replacement of the motor. 

Whatever might be the cause of the noise, please do not ignore it. It is not a problem that will go away by ignoring. In fact, ignoring the problem for long will cause the entire machinery to break down. If you are unfortunate, the damage may be so hard on your unit that the entire unit may have to be replaced. 

Can TCL help me fix noise issues in my Air Conditioner?

Of Course Yes! TCL places high importance on customer satisfaction. Solving your TCL product issues is at the forefront of everything we do. 

We have made it extremely simple and easy for you to reach out to us.

-       We have over 450 service centres in India
-       We have more than 1000+ in house service engineers
-       We provide easy and hassle free installation
-       We provide TWO FREE services within 12 months of purchase of your AC
-       You can register and track a complaint on TCL
-       You can register and track a complaint on TCL HOME APP
-       You can call on 1800-102-0622 anytime between Mon- Sat, 10am - 7pm. 
-       Our Compressors come with 10 year warranty
-       There is 3 year PCB warranty on all TCL air conditioners


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